Aliza is the protagonist of Horrortale, and the ninth human child who fell in the underground.

Horrortale aliza and flowy by inverted mind inc-da5jr6k


Aliza only wears a violet dress, she doesn't even wear shoes nor weapons. But she used to wear a green ribbon. Her hair is light brown and reaching to her shoulders. She is also lot more expressive than the original protagonist, but most of the time she has her eyes closed or scribbled over.


Majority of her story can be found on Flowey page. Please look in there or write it here for yourself.



After Aliza escaped the ruins, she met Sans, who pranked her by pushing a spike in her hand. He told her that Papyrus wants to catch her. Sans then told her to hide behind a corpse. Afterwards, he told Papyrus where she is hiding. Papyrus found her, but let her go because he thought that she is too easy to catch, and that she is only pretending to be weak.

On the first puzzle (Orb and bear trap) Aliza got her head chopped off by a bear trap. On the second try, she used the orb to analyze where is the bear trap.

Then Aliza saved snowman and he gave her his nose.

On the second puzzle, Aliza got stuck in the snow and died. On the second try, she realized that she can't solve it, so she used her first Freebie.

But then Sans realized that she can save, so he tried to tear out her ear, until he heard some suspicious sounds, and ran away. Aliza met Flowey afterwards, and he told her more about the skeletons.

Then Aliza had to choose between Papyrus's spaghetti and Sans's headdog. She chose the spaghetti. Sans then told her that it's made from kids.

Snowdin town

Papyrus then dropped her at Grillby's, where she was almost cooked to death until she was teleported outside by Sans. She has her arm ripped off by Sans when he is momentarily taken over by the gnawing hunger.


Toriel-Like in the original story, Toriel is really caring. She really cares for Aliza too. Aliza likes her, but sometimes Toriel really scares her. Toriel is known to use drugs or poisons to try to keep her from leaving. Toriel tried her best to keep Aliza from escaping, but she is convinced by Aliza to let her leave. In the comic, Aliza dies by Toriel working with Sans to kill her to stop her from escaping. In the flash game, if the player goes back to the door or the Ruins and talks to the pounding door 3 times, Aliza has to promise Toriel, that she will help monsters escape from the underground. This includes not letting Toriel die there.

Flowey-He is something like Aliza's guide. He seems to really care for her, while still making snide or offhanded comments about her.

Sans-Aliza seems really scared of him. Sans will scare her, ignore her and make her physically suffer and psychologically torture her, but he will never eat her, as it was hinted he wont eat humans.

Papyrus-He tried his best to test Aliza with his puzzles. When she survives, through each puzzle, he lets her go forward. He seems to have a growing affinity for her, but wont bat an eye(socket) at her suffering or demise.